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kalo lu gak tau...ya tinggal tanya ajah..gampang kan ?

17 November 2005

[Blogging_Community] The year 1942 - The brief begining

It was in the year of 1942 where there was substantial test was done
on the human beings to create the so called "superman" or fighting
machines that would give the competitive edge in battles.

During that time, many experiments were conducted by the Germans and
the Japanese on real live humans. There were many failures and non
were recorded. Those who suffered the torture faces the further
torture of life to face with numerous number of deformity of birth on
the after generations.

"Life will find its way……as it said"

Through the course of this …………life did but find its way but through
one, through generation after another where the genetic mix was
carried in the blood of one who passes on to the other ……….and a girl
is born……..and her father named her Jasmine.

She is born in the year January 1994, premature by 3 months where the
Doctors even finds that her survival is bleak. The mother died at
birth and after that she was brought up by the father.

Like a memory of her that was implanted through the course of life in
the bloodline, she retains the memory of the mother that she never
knew, the memory of the grandfather that was never seen and also the
memory of the great grandmother who had never known to have survived.

She was born with no one knowing the difference in her. But at the
age of 5, she possess reflexes of martial art images from the memory
of her grandfather that was in her blood and she can never be beaten
in school. Out of curiosity of her new found abilities, she
discovered that she further possess the images and knowledge of her
ninjatsu arts, the most dangerous art of assignation by her great
grandmother who was trained and employed by the Yamashita clan to
kill the emperor but never succeeded to prevent the further acts of
atrocity of war crimes.

From that time on, she never looses a fight in school despite she was
studying in the roughest neighborhood in Malaysia. Her birth carries
the impact of the knowledge and experience that she felt deception,
wit and intelligence that was carried into her. She possess knowledge
and willpowers of the forefathers and mothers that was in her and
this give her the added advantage of life. In fact, this added
advantage gives her so much troubles in life that she was never
really sure of who is she at first and makes her more of a loner in
school with little good friends. Boys and girls of her age thinks
that she is living in a dream world that was never in existence. But
to her, life is different. She is living in the past, the present and
also the future where images would come to her mind before it
happens. At the close of her eyes, she can images who is hiding
behind the corner of the walls with pails of water to splash on her.

As the years go by, the instinct in her becomes natural and she begin
to continue to carry on her life with her only good friend, Arthur
…..the dreamy boy too.

At the age of her 11 years old. Things change………..and her adventure
from life on changes.

At the age of 11th years old, the same day in school with pranks
going around, she took the bus home early wanting to see her father.
But what happens was before she arrives, she felt more uneasy than
usual……when she arrives she saw her dying father with a pool of blood
on the floor. Before he dies, he then passes her the story.

In the year of 1942, due to the oppression by the Germans and
Japanese, there was a group of people, Chinese, Japanese, Russian,
Koreans, USA,  British, Germans, Jews and British who calls
themselves "Block 4." Within themselves, they have implanted and
stolen substantial amount of monies from Goering who works from
Hitler, General Yodoshino from the Japanese, donations from British,
Koreans, Jews from those that have been murdered in the concentration
camps, etc

During that time, the amount that was in the hands of Block 4 was
standing at US18 Million dollars spread over 35 locations within
different banks under different account (Trust Holder Names). The
purposes of the funds is to use them for funding information to
prevent the further cruel deeds by any dictator. They are the only
Organisation that was secretly endorse by the United Nation in 1965
where they are able to conduct assignation of any head of state,
kings and president at anytime just as to preserve the world peace.

Throughout the years, they are responsible for the many information
and leakages over the years. Though the grandfathers of theirs suffer
the pains during the years, each of them will select on kid of their
own countries just to train them on the art of survival, counterspy,
martial arts and to become the next trustee of the funds for the
protection of the world peace. The appointment of one is dependant on
not just ability and skills but largely depends a lot on integrity
and compassion as possess in each of their different religion. As the
father is now dying, he have therefore will the trust of the
currently standing on account US$8.5 billion under his care to her
and she is now to contact the other members of the team. She is the
youngest of all at the moment but among all of them, they have been
meeting regularly and they have noted her remarkable compassion and
abilities perhaps due to her unique chemical testing on her great
grandmother during the failed assignation attempt which therefore
gives her the added advantage. She is now possess the monies, power
and secret identity to contact the others, amass the monies and
continue to find out what is now threatening the continual members of
this secret team who is now secretly being murdered one by one and
now he is the last one.

Before today where he died, over the last 3 months, he has already
being meeting the successor of each of this different group and all
are also quite loss on the death of each of their father or mother.
All vow revenge but to whom is another question for the enemy is now
without a name or organization or fraction. But is big enough with
fundings and abilities to track down the people over 2 generations.

There re substantial amount of both legitimate and secret business
owned by the group over the years to launder the funds. For start,
they are the substantial holder of companies such coca cola, pepsi,
trust funds, electricity board companies, etc and each of these
successor have keys to the world of these but this is but only the
key to the new begining.

On the death of her father, both Yumi Yoshino & Hee  Yoong Sam are
the ones who came over to the estate to take over the trust of the
estate under the will and to become the trustee and guardians for

From then on, Jasmine was brought to UK to live and to continue her
private education and also the life of her changes forever.

It is from then she has left the childish pranks and life to become

*On October 7. 1944, the Sonderkommandos attacked the SS. Some SS
guards were killed, and one crematorium was burned. Most of the
prisoners who escaped were caught and killed.

Objective of the The 4

He may be the one to rule them all,

He may be the one to make many falls

For if we have to be cruel to be kind,

Together we will maintain the peace for mankind

Where knowledge is power as it seems

The imbalance of power is what that created the chaos we see

If we have the gift of gods to share

Let the knowledge be balance and share.

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